Increasing Access to Quality Care

Residents of the low-income communities served by Alameda Health System (AHS) face significant barriers to access to quality health care. Most challenging are those associated with racism in all its forms: structural, institutional, and interpersonal. AHS is committed to eliminating these barriers.


Addressing Unmet Social Needs

Unmet needs—including lack of access to nutritious food, safe and affordable housing, transportation, and legal assistance—significantly impact health. AHS connects patients and families with resources to meet their social needs and improve their health.


Building a Community-Centered Workforce

Serving diverse communities requires a culturally competent workforce. AHS’s focus on health equity diversity, and inclusion (HEDI) supports delivery of quality care that eliminates health disparities and fosters a sense of belonging among patients and providers alike. By creating a pipeline from the community to jobs in healthcare, AHS builds generational wealth in the communities it serves.