To Celebrate Life Grant

We are happy to  announce a new grant award by the To Celebrate Life Breast Cancer Foundation. The $4,000 grant is designated for the Alameda Health System Breast Cancer Patient Transportation Fund, a much needed resource to break down a key barrier to access to care for our patients: the lack of access to affordable transportation to/from medical appointments. Find more about the work supported by To Celebrate Life in their Newsletter.

Pictured Above: 2015 Grantees – Top row from left: Juvy Barbonio, Pilipino Senior Resource Center; Cindi Cantril, Sutter Pacific Medical Foundation; Jeanne Hemhauser-Ricci, Institute for Health and Healing; Alison Gause, Marin General Hospital Foundation; Natalie Morales, Bay Area Cancer Connections; Peggy McGuire, Women’s Cancer Resource Center; Devereaux Smith, Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic; Linda Dovbish, Ceres Community Project; Fern Orenstein, San Francisco General Hospital Foundation; Front row from left: Regan Fedric, Sunflower Wellness; Karen Edwards, Breast Cancer Emergency Fund; Olivia Fè, Latina Breast Cancer Agency; Dr. Vera Packard, HERS Breast Cancer Foundation; Ellen Rinehart, Alameda Health System Foundation; Lauren Villa, Shanti Project; Kelly Tyler, Marin Center for Independent Living — PhotoCredit: Patty Spinks


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