Palliative Care team receives grant for outpatient clinic and increased services

Palliative Care Team

In early 2017, Alameda Health System will open an Outpatient Palliative Care Clinic within Highland Hospital’s Oncology Clinic.

This is made possible by a $150,000 grant from the California Health Care Foundation.

The health system’s multi-disciplinary Palliative Care team, led by Dr. Sheira Freedman, Director of Palliative Care, has provided support to critically-ill patients since 2009. These services have an incredible positive impact on patients and families.

In addition to symptom and pain management, the Palliative Care team provides advance care planning, emotional and spiritual support, medication management, referrals to community services, and care management.

Currently, the health system’s palliative care services are only available in the inpatient setting, leaving many patients who would benefit from outpatient care without access to these services. The palliative care team has long sought to offer outpatient services. The new clinic is the result of their unflagging efforts.

“We are honored to care for amazing patients and families. They teach us so much about resiliency and transcendence in the face of serious illness, in the face of its treatments, and in the face of transitioning towards death,” said Dr. Freedman.

Thanks to the California HealthCare Foundation’s longstanding commitment to palliative care and the dedication of the health system’s Palliative Care team, many patients and families in need will benefit from these essential services.


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