From the President: This holiday season, help break down barriers to good health

At the heart of our mission of Investing in Caring, Healing, Teaching, Serving All is the belief that quality health care is a right for all in Alameda County. For underserved communities, this begins with removing roadblocks on the journey to good health.

Please give to Alameda Health System Foundation to help break down barriers…

… to food security.

Before joining the Food is Medicine Program, Lorena lacked access to affordable and nutritious food, which made controlling her high blood pressure difficult. The program brings fresh fruit and vegetables to patients like Lorena through a farmers market hosted twice a week at Hayward Wellness. Providers also issue produce prescriptions—$10 vouchers redeemable at the market. Along with group visits featuring hands-on cooking sessions, this helps patients incorporate produce into their meals to improve their health.

… to good oral health.

The Dental Education Program at Eastmont Wellness’ Dental Clinic teaches pediatric patients like Tony the ins and outs of oral hygiene. Utilizing educational models, the Dental Clinic team’s efforts increase access to good oral health for underserved communities in Alameda County. For Tony, understanding how cavities form—“sugar bugs” are the culprit in one book used by the team—improved his dental hygiene practices, an outcome with lifelong benefits.

… in breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is beneficial for mothers and babies alike, yet women living on low incomes sometimes lack resources to choose that path. The health system empowers mothers like Josephina, who gave birth to premature twins, to breastfeed through the Breast Pump Loan Program. With one newborn at home and the other still gaining strength at the hospital, Josephina needed a breast pump in order to provide breast milk to both infants. The loan program allowed her to do so without facing the often prohibitive expense of a breast pump.

Made possible by philanthropic support, these programs—and others like them at Alameda Health System—address issues that go beyond the walls of our hospitals and clinics. They tackle obstacles faced by those who live in under-resourced communities, obstacles that stand in the way of achieving good health.

Help break down barriers for patients like Lorena, Tony and Josephina by making a year-end gift to Alameda Health System Foundation.

Donate today, and you will help remove roadblocks to good health for vulnerable individuals and families in Alameda County’s underserved communities.


Debra A. Barnes, CFRE


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