Group prenatal visits promote healthy start for newborns

Alameda Health System’s CenteringPregnancy program promotes healthy birth outcomes by increasing access to prenatal care and health education for parents. CenteringPregnancy is supported by Alameda Health System Foundation, which secured a three-year grant for the program earlier this year from the March of Dimes California Chapter. Cortney Butcher, a new mom who delivered her son at AHS, shares her experience with the program:

7 pounds, 7 ounces, 20 inches long.

These numbers – the measurements of my healthy baby boy, Skyler, delivered in April – fill me with pride. As a first-time mom, I am amazed at how much joy my son brings me every day, and I am incredibly grateful for the fantastic team at Alameda Health System’s Highland Hospital that helped welcome him into the world.

When my partner, Mikel, and I moved to East Oakland last year mid-pregnancy, we weren’t sure where we wanted to have our baby. We took a friend’s advice to go to AHS for prenatal care until we decided where we wanted to deliver.

After a couple appointments, our parental instincts kicked in.

We knew we wanted our baby to be born at AHS, where care for the whole family is a priority before, during and after birth.

From the start, our medical team was friendly, knowledgeable and in tune with my needs. Katy, our nurse midwife, encouraged me to participate in CenteringPregnancy, a program that offers group prenatal visits and is funded by partners in the community.

With most of my friends and family living out-of-state, CenteringPregnancy helped me meet and share with moms going through the same experiences I was. In addition to fun classes and useful information, the program provided me with a much-needed support system.

CenteringPregnancy provides moms like me with the care and encouragement we need to provide bright beginnings for our newborns.

It gives babies like my son, Skyler, a healthy start.

The program is just the beginning of AHS’s terrific services for families who are expecting. Mikel and I were impressed by each and every member of the Maternal Child Health team who took care of our family:

Katy, who provided individualized care and advocated on my behalf throughout my pregnancy and birth experience.

Susan, who worked with me one-on-one the day after Skyler was born to ensure I left the hospital confident in my ability to breastfeed.

Erin, who continues to care for our little guy and answer all of our questions as new parents. She is the best pediatrician we could ask for.

The Maternal Child Health services offered at AHS truly make a difference for expecting moms, for newborns, for families like mine.

Learn more about the Foundation’s efforts to promote the health and wellbeing of the youngest members of our community.

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