Health Advocate Application

Health Advocates

Learn to be a frontline health navigator
at one of the most exciting county hospital settings in the nation!

Are you interested in a career in healthcare, public health, social justice, or social work?   Do you like working with individuals and their families of diverse backgrounds? Have you considered contributing to the national discussion on population health? Learn to be a front line health navigator at one of the most exciting county hospital settings in the nation. The Health Advocates of Alameda Health System (HA of AHS), a member of the Bay Area Regional Help Desk Consortium (BARHC), are recruiting new volunteers for our Spring, Summer, and Fall terms! BARHC is a collaboration of Bay Area hospitals and other community partners coming together to address social determinants of health across Bay Area safety-net hospitals.

HA of AHS volunteers will gain experience navigating health care in addition to interfacing with attorneys, physicians, social workers, nurses, and other medical personnel, while honing interviewing skills in a clinical setting. Advocates complete medical, social, and legal risk assessments, integrating a Medical-Legal Partnership and whole-person care while we look to improve population health outcomes. As a Health Advocate, you will:

  • Assist socio-culturally and economically diverse individuals connecting them to resources such as housing, food, legal, and financial aid
  • Complete medical, social, and/or legal risk assessments for clients
  • Navigate resources within the community and provide warm hand-offs to the next person in the communication chain
  • Conduct internal outreach for various program projects
  • Screen and enroll patients into research studies to further prove efficacy of the help desk
  • Collaborate in a team setting to determine best plan of care
  • Work in a coordinated continuum of care with physicians, social workers, and hospital staff
  • Attend weekly debrief sessions to capture all experiences and facilitate feedback loop with team members

Application Process


  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must be courteous, responsible, honest and accountable individuals
  • No prior experience is necessary, but relevant volunteer/work experience is highly preferred, along with a strong interest in public health, law, social work, medicine, psychology, or related fields.


  • Check out our Application Timeline and FAQ here!


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