Fall 2013

Bite To Balance: A Novel Intervention in Pediatric Obesity Care

Nov 15 2013

Alameda Health System’s caregivers are always looking for innovative ways to address chronic disease in patients. One such program, known as Bite to Balance – which uses a novel approach to address obesity and diabetes in children -- was featured on KTVU Channel 2, Bay Area People with Rosy Chu. Watch the video to learn more about this life changing program

AHS Media Blitz Hits the Airwaves

Nov 11 2013

Alameda Health System launched a new media campaign intended to inform our community of the many services we make available to all those in need of health care. Watch the videos to learn more about a News Day of healthcare excellence at AHS.

Highland Heath Advocates Addresses Health Disparities in Community

Nov 10 2013

East Bay Express reporter Sam Levin interviewed our Director of Social Services, Gloria Jenkins, and Emergency Department resident, Dr. Dennis Hsieh, about Highland Hospital's Health Advocates program. Health Advocate volunteers connect patients to community resources with the goal of eliminating health disparities in our community. Read this story to see how Alameda Health System is working to make a difference

Lila’s Story

Nov 9 2013

Lila Elias, former patient at Highland Hospital, shares her story about being hit by a car while riding her bike home. She shines light into the quality of care she received from the doctors and nurses at Alameda Health System, as part of the Foundation’s end-of-year appeal. This is her story: My name is Lila Elias and I am 19 years old. Alameda Health System has made a huge difference in my life.

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